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Steam Cleaning Services | Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery

  • Professionally Cleaned Carpets & Upholstery

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Services (Hot Water Extraction)

Truck mounted steam cleaners are much more powerful than plugins and don’t use power or hot water from your home. Because the machine stays outdoors, so does all the noise of the vacuum, the smell of dirty evaporating water, and the humidity. Unlike plugins, our machine heats the water or steam to 240 degrees. The high heat reacts better with detergents, kills bacteria, cleans better, and dries faster. The truck mounted machine also has a much stronger vacuum which removes more water and dirt. It also allows us to rinse more thoroughly in a shorter time than traditional steam cleaning. Learn More

No Sales Tactics

Philip Perry is no salesman and doesn’t use tricks like low quotes and marking up the cost later. Jobs are priced by the square foot (furniture by the piece) and only necessary products are used, there is no promotion of extras. Jobs are never rushed, pre-spray and rinsing gives detergents the time they need to work loosening oils and solids. To do it right, more than one pass is always needed. “There is a difference between cleaning and leaving something clean”. – Philip Perry

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Our Steam Cleaning Services

We specialize in steam cleaning your carpet, area rugs, upholstery, and tile & grout with our Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Machine.  We believe steam cleaning carpets and upholstery is the ideal way to maintain a healthy indoor environment; prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mold; and add years to the stuff you love.

Carpet & Area Rug Steam Cleaning

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Steam Cleaning carpets and area rugs does a much better job than shampooing them with a traditional carpet shampooer. It penetrates deep down, loosens soil and stains so they can be removed completely. Steam cleaning also sanitizes at a microbial level and leaves no odor. If you are sensitive to scents, then cleaning with steam is the better choice. We leave nothing behind except a clean carpet or area rug.

Did you know we can pick up your area rug, clean it, and deliver back to you once it’s dry? 

Steam Cleaning  Upholstery

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning

Have a favorite chair or couch that no longer looks like new? Perry’s Elite Services can bring upholstery and fabrics back to life! Even the toughest stains can be lifted away by the power of steam. Don’t replace or reupholster those stained dining room chairs when they can be cleaned.

We do leave upholstery wet afterwards, but not quite as wet as traditional shampooing. We keep going untiil there’s no more dirt to be removed, somtimes making 3 or 4 passes on the same area.

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are among the most difficult surfaces to clean and sanitize. Having these areas steam cleaned at least once a year gives you peace of mind that your tile and grout are as clean as possible. Steam cleaning brings tile and grout back to like new condition. White grout stands out brilliantly again and germs have no where to hide.

Shower areas are especially prone to mold spores, bacteria, and fungus if not cleaned well. Sanitize surfaces with Perry’s Elite Services.

Steam Cleaning RV & Boat Interiors

RV & Boat Interiors

RV’s and boats are built for exploring the great outdoors. They’re also full of fabrics and surfaces that need regular cleaning. Steam cleaning is ideal for RV and boat interiors that are exposed to more dirt, stains, and insects. Steam cleaning (technically hot water extraction) also kills microbials, bacteria, and small insects that are directly encountered.

Note *for bed bugs and infestations see an exterminator or pest control specialist.

Reduce depreciation and maintain the value of RV’s and boats by steam cleaning them annually.

Water Cleanup

Water Cleanup

Depending on the type of water that caused the flood in your home, various contaminants could be left behind. Perry’s Elite Services offers water cleanup that includes a deep natural clean that only steam provides. After removing any water, we steam clean affected surfaces and stop the growth of organic contaminates. Even in small crevices like grout lines, nothing hides from steam.

Fabric is especially susceptible to absorbing and holding bacteria and mold. Steam cleaning removes contamination without leaving harsh chemicals behind.

Other surfaces to steam clean

Other Surfaces

Steam cleaning can be safely used on many household surfaces, including sealed tile, grout, carpets, mattresses, upholstery, glass, and more.

There are some surfaces that do not react well to steam. Steam can warp unsealed floors, plastic, wood, and cause laminate floors to swell. We don’t steam clean these surfaces. Other surfaces on the do-not-clean list: cold windows, unglazed tile, those covered in water-based paint, and delicate surfaces.