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What is Steam Cleaning? (Hot Water Extraction)

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Hot Water Extraction

The term “steam cleaning” may be confusing as it doesn’t exactly describe what we do. It’s true, there is a lot of steam present when we do our thing, but a more accurate description of what we do is “hot water extraction”.

Steam Mops

There are many household products out there that use steam to clean. For example, Bissel sells steam mops that are even safe for wood floors. These are popular for use on wood as you don’t need any chemicals or detergents that often leave streaks when dry. However, steam mops use a much lower temperature steam approximately 120 degrees Celsius.

Bissel Steam Mop
PowerFresh® Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction

Perry’s Elite Services uses a truck mounted cleaning system that heats the water to 240 degrees Celsius. At this temperature it is no longer safe to use on wood. Water that is heated to this high temperature is very effective to clean carpets, area rugs, fabrics on furniture, and surfaces like tile & grout. In fact, this hot water extraction method uses more water than a plugin shampooer but it allows for a much more thorough rinse. The hot temperature of the water reacts like a catalyst to the pre-applied non-scented detergent to loosen up oil and dirt. Then the high-powered vacuum extracts both the water and dirt, leaving a warm, moist, but very clean result. The steam that is a by-product of hot water extraction has less to do with the actual cleaning process, making it very different than a steam mop.

Plugin Steam Cleaners

Plugin steam cleaning machines that use the same method to clean, do not get the water up to the higher temperatures used by Perry’s Elite Services truck mounted system. Nor do the vacuums have the same amount of extracting pressure or suction. To get a better cleaned carpet, rug, fabric, or tile floor, call the professional at Perry’s Elite Services (serving the Brantford ON. area).

Not hot water extraction
Designed to clean wood floors at low temperature steam
Not as powerful hot water extraction
Commercial steam cleaner isn’t as powerful as Perry’s Elite Services
Perry's Elite Services Hot Water Extraction

True hot water extraction (steam cleaning) Truck Mounted System has hotter water, more powerful vacuum, and better cleaning power.