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How to Stop Your Dog from Bringing Mud into the House?

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Tips to Keep the Mud Out

Spring is a beautiful season that is full of new growth and new beginnings. However, with spring comes a lot of mud and dirt that our furry friends love to bring into the house. If you are tired of constantly cleaning up after your dog, these tips can help you put an end to the madness.

  1. Wipe your dog’s Feet. One of the easiest ways to prevent your dog from bringing dirt into the house is to simply wipe their feet. Keep a towel by the door so that when your dog comes in from outside, you can quickly wipe their paws down. This will remove any excess dirt or mud and help keep your floors clean.
  2. Wash your dog’s feet. If your dog has a particularly muddy day outside, then wiping their feet may not be enough. Consider washing their feet in the sink or with a hose outside before letting them come inside. This will ensure that all of the mud and dirt is removed before your dog comes inside and makes a mess.
  3. Keep your lawn maintained. One of the main reasons why dogs pick up so much dirt and mud during the spring is because of an unkempt lawn. Keep your grass trimmed and remove any piles of leaves or debris that your dog may be inclined to roll around in. This can help reduce the amount of dirt they pick up while playing outside.
  4. Add mulch to exposed dirt areas. If you have flower beds, vegetable gardens, or other areas with exposed ground (dirt) consider adding a layer or more of mulch as a barrier. With every rain fall exposed garden areas turn to mud. Some breeds love to cool down by digging holes and lying in them. Try and remove that potential using mulch.  
  5. Use dog boots. If your dog is a chronic dirt-bringer, consider investing in dog boots. These will help keep their feet clean and dry, even on the muddiest of days. Just remember to allow your dog some time to get used to them before taking them outside.
  6. Limit outdoor play time. Finally, if all else fails, limit your dog’s time outside during the muddy spring season. This isn’t ideal, but it can be a temporary solution until the mud dries up. Instead, you can provide your dog with indoor playtime, training, or just some one-on-one time with you.

Clean House and Happy Dog

With these tips in mind, you can keep your house clean and your dog happy during the spring season. Remember, our furry friends just want to have fun, but with a little bit of effort on our part, we can keep the dirt and mud outside.

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