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Upholstery Cleaning

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An Observation About Upholstery Cleaning

One thing I notice when working in this business, is that when I go to a home and clean the carpets, the upholstery is often overlooked. Why does this make me wonder? Well, it’s true that your carpets are constantly in contact with dirty socks, feet, and shoes, (think about where they have been) but think about what your upholstery comes in contact with? According to the INSIDER, Flu germs live 8 to 12 hours on fabric!

Chair and Couch Arms

The arm of your chair is where your bare hands and arms rest. We all have natural body oils and sweat on our skin but think as well about where our hands have been. Everything you have touched since the last time you washed your hands is still on your hands, and then transferred to the arm of your chair when you rest your hands. Many of us use greasy hand creams and eat snacks and even meals on our favorite chair or couch. This often results in transference from hands to chair, and chair back to hand. This can make upholstery a place where you are in contact with more germs, oils, and soils then your carpet contains.

Upholstered Backs and Headrests

What about the back of your chair or head rest? Does your back sweat in summer? Shirt or no shirt, heat and germs rub off. Upholstered headrests in contact with hair and scalps can be very dirty depending on what type of work you do. Hair products themselves, can be greasy and stick like glue. At times I have had to soap these areas with detergent and scrape off built up hand creams and hair products before rinsing because the build up was so thick. And don’t forget those bear bald heads like mine, they can also transfer unwanted oils and sweat.

No Pushy Salesmen

The moral or truth of this story is: I will not try to sell you upholstery cleaning when I come into your home to steam clean your carpets because I do not want to feel like a salesman. I am there to do what you asked me to do, but if you do decide that cleaning your upholstery occasionally might be a good idea, I am happy to do it. Steam cleaning upholstery keeps it clean, looking good, and makes it last longer.

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